Marketing Toolkit

Here you'll find everything you need to celebrate hospitals and hospital workers in your digital and print marketing campaigns for National Hospital Week 2024.

Suggested Color Palette

Cardinal Red

Hex: #B41E29
RGB: 180-30-41

Title font color
Button color

Cornflower Blue

Hex: #637EB2
RGB: 99-126-178

Primary accent color
Button hover color

Shadow Green

Hex: #94BEBC
RGB: 148-190-188

Secondary accent color

Suggested Typography

Titles - Karla 600

Subeadings - Karla 500


Paragraph - Karla 400

Marketing Support Graphics

Facebook post images are 1200 x 630 px & cover images are 851 x 315 px. Click an image to download it, or download all images below.
Facebook Post Images
Facebook Cover Images
LinkedIn post images are 1200 x 627 px & cover images are 1584 x 396 px. Click an image to download it, or download all images below.
LinkedIn Post Images
LinkedIn Cover Images
Instagram post images are 1080 x 1080 px. Click an image to download it, or download all images below.
Email banners are 600 x 200 px. Click an image to download it, or download all images below.

Press Release Templates

Celebrate National Hospital Week 2024 with [Staffing Firm Name]

[CITY, STATE] – [Staffing Firm] is pleased to announce our participation in the annual celebration of National Hospital Week, which takes place May 12-18. National Hospital Weeks honors more than 7 million healthcare workers and over 6,000 hospitals across the United States, recognizing the critical role of hospitals in providing hope and healing throughout life’s greatest moments. 

Healthcare facilities serve as the cornerstone of our communities, offering essential treatments and leading the way in research and development. [Staffing Firm Name] is proud to support these institutions in achieving their goals, ensuring our communities thrive through unparalleled healthcare services. 

[Custom Message from the Firm]

[SAMPLE QUOTE] “During National Hospital Week, we want to spotlight the dedication and hard work of hospital workers everywhere. These individuals are the backbone of our public health defense, and their commitment to patient care and medical innovation deserves our deepest gratitude,” says [Name], [Position] of [Staffing Firm Name]. “We are organizing [specific activities] to celebrate this important week, further showcasing our support for the healthcare community.”

About National Hospital Week

National Hospital Week’s history dates back to 1921, evolving from a single day to a full week of celebration in 1953. Its timing in May aligns with Florence Nightingale’s birthday, honoring her contributions to modern nursing and hospital care. Today, National Hospital Week is one of the nation’s largest healthcare celebrations, highlighting hospitals’ critical role in our lives and expressing gratitude for healthcare workers’ dedication.

About [Staffing Firm Name]

[Provide a brief description of your agency, including the duration of operation, mission, areas of focus, and any noteworthy accomplishments or recognitions.]

For more information about our National Hospital Week activities or to learn more about [Staffing Firm Name], please contact:

Media Contact

<List contact information>

Email Templates

Subject: Honoring Our Healthcare Workers – Happy National Hospital Week!

Hi [First Name],

This National Hospital Week, all of us at [Staffing Firm Name] are excited to shine a spotlight on the remarkable efforts and achievements of your healthcare facility and its stellar team. National Hospital Week is a time to celebrate the heart and soul of hospitals—you, the dedicated professionals who support the health and well-being of people in our communities each day.

Throughout this special week, we reflect on the critical role hospitals play not just as places of healing but as pillars of health and hope in our communities. The commitment you have to providing high-quality care to patients transforms lives and makes healthcare miracles an everyday reality.

<Insert custom message: Highlight specific achievements, thank hospital teams for their exceptional service, or share a story that illustrates the profound impact your hospital workers have made.>

As part of our National Hospital Week festivities, [Staffing Firm Name] is [describe any activities, recognition programs, or initiatives your firm has planned to honor your hospital workers, such as virtual events, special acknowledgments, or wellness initiatives].

“We’re incredibly inspired by the resilience and dedication of your teams,”  – [Leader’s Name], [Leader’s Title] at [Staffing Firm Name]. “Your commitment to health and healing reminds us daily why we’re so proud to support the heroes behind the hospital doors. Together, we’re not just filling shifts; we’re empowering communities with exceptional care.”

We extend our deepest gratitude to every member of the hospital staff—from the front desk to the operating room, from janitorial services to the nursing units. Your expertise, care, and dedication are the backbone of our healthcare system.

Warm regards,

[Your Name]
[Your Job Title]
[Staffing Firm Name]
[Contact Information]